Saturday, December 17, 2016

PRIMUS Issue on Teaching Inquiry and JMM Events

Hello IBL Community!  Brian Katz, Augustana College, has shares exiting news for IBL community. Please read below for special issues of PRIMUS and IBL-related events at JMM 2017 in Atlanta, GA.

PRIMUS special issue on Teaching Inquiry
Elizabeth Thoren and Brian Katz have organized the 19 papers and 2 editorials in this two-volume special issue around the ways that they contribute to the discussion of two questions: what is inquiry, and how do we support its development in students?

Part I, entitled Illuminating Inquiry,” focuses on the nature of inquiry, from discussions of its theoretical foundations and generalizations across disciplines to descriptions and analyses of the experience of inquiry from the inside. Part II, entitled “Implementing Inquiry,” focuses on approaches to offering inquiry experiences, from discussions of strategies to change student and instructor behaviors to descriptions and analyses of course design and project structures. Of course, a reader will find insight into both the nature of inquiry and approaches to achieving it in any paper in either part, and each part contains ideas for both instructors who have experience teaching with inquiry and those who are hoping to start. Each issue starts with an editorial that offers a more detailed overview and integration of the papers.

Illuminating Inquiry:
Implementing Inquiry:

  1. PRIMUS special issue on Inquiry-Based Learning in First-year and Second-year Courses (forthcoming). Guest edited by Dana Ernst, TJ Hitchman, and Angie Hodge
  2. MAA Instructional Practices Guide (forthcoming). This document is a companion to the MAA's Curriculum Guide that will focus on course design, instructional practices, and assessment. Doug Ensley and the project leadership are running focus groups related to this project at JMM 2017.

Joint Meetings of the American Mathematics Society and Mathematical Association of America, January 6-9, 2017, Atlanta, GA.

Here's a link to the full schedule:

The SIGMAA IBL is sponsoring a Contributed Paper Session with 55 talks on Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning
  • Thursday 1/5 8:00am-12noon (Regency Ballroom, Ballroom Level, Hyatt Regency). This session is specifically designed to be accessible and useful for new or potential IBL practitioners.
  • Friday 1/6 8:00am-11:00am (International Room 6, International Level, Marriott Marquis). This session emphasizes lower-division and large course contexts.
  • This session emphasizes lower-division and large course contexts. Friday 1/6 1:00pm-5:00pm (International Room 6, International Level, Marriott Marquis).   This session first emphasizes secondary school contexts and then turns to equity in mathematics education. NOTE that this session flows immediately into the SIGMAA IBL Business Meeting.
  • Saturday 1/7 8:00am-12noon (International Room 7, International Level, Marriott Marquis).  This session emphasizes applied math and technology in inquiry.
  • Saturday 1/7 1:00pm-4:20pm (International Room 7, International Level, Marriott Marquis.  This session mostly emphasizes the Calculus context.
SIGMAA IBL is also sponsoring a panel featuring Susan Crook, TJ Hitchman, and Carol Schumacher Thursday 1/5 1:00pm-2:20pm (International Room 5, International Level, Marriott Marquis)

SIGMAA IBL Business Meeting (interactive discussion) Friday 1/6 5:00pm-6:00pm (International Room 6, International Level, Marriott Marquis)

There are many other presentations about IBL at the conference, and conference attendees are especially suggest you browse the RUME and SoTL sessions.