Saturday, December 16, 2017

IBL Workshops 2018

Math instructors are the college level are invited to register for 4-day IBL workshops in summer 2018. I am pleased to announce on this blog three summer 2018 workshops, with details in the link below. IBL workshops are designed specifically for college math instructors, are hands-on, practical, and intended to help participants learn how to effectively implement "big tent" IBL in a target course. Big tent IBL means that the workshops provide a broad framework for participants to investigate and find an appropriate place suitable for their specific needs, built on the twin pillars of deep engagement in rich mathematics and regular opportunities to collaborate (in some form). 

Full details are posted Link to IBL Workshop Info Page

IBL Workshops in 2018
  1. Chicago June 19-22, 2018 at DePaul University
  2. Washington DC, June 26-29, 2018, at MAA Carriage House
  3. Los Angeles, July 10-13, 2018, at Staybridge Suites, Torrance CA
IBL Workshops are arguably the best way of learning to implement IBL methods. Please consider attending and/or suggesting it to a colleague. We hope to see you next summer!