Friday, June 14, 2013

RLMoore Conference Day 1

The RLM/IBL Conference is always an opportunity for me to rejuvenate.  There's something about getting together with the IBL community, seeing and feeling the energy, just at the end of the school year, that really resets things.

I'll have to break up my thoughts in a bunch of posts.  Ed Parker started us all off with a great plenary talk.  Some thought-provoking points:
  • "The curriculum isn't the most important thing in learning."
  • In IBL instruction, we're listening rather than talking.  This gives us many more opportunities to assess where students are at.
  • You have to be willing to turn negative attitudes about math into a positive through skillful, effective coaching.
  • An IBL instructor should think about what foundation is accessible to my students that they can build on.
  • Every class is an opportunity for students to engage in ever increasing rigor (for them).
We're off an running!

Today is day 2.  Lots going on.  In a few months we'll have videos of all the sessions on the AIBL Youtube Channel.