Sunday, January 3, 2016

Quick Post: Re-Entering a New Term, Ken Robinson

Happy New Year!  Things have been relatively quiet on the IBL blog, but that's because we have some big things in the pipeline, such as a new NSF grant to expand IBL Workshop offerings.

This is year 16 for me as a teacher (post PhD program).  Year 20 including my grad TA days.  Each term I like to start by reading books on teaching and re-watching inspiring videos.  Doing this gets me into my teaching mode, thinking about why I do what I do by revisiting core principles.  Each term is an opportunity to build on our prior successes, by looking at what worked and what we can improve in each of our classes.

Videos are easier to share in a blog post, so I'll do that :)  Here's Ken Robinson:  "How to Escape Education's Death Valley."