Sunday, September 9, 2018

IBL Video Series on How to Teach via IBL

I'm happy to announce the new AIBL Video Series page. This video series focuses on topics that we cover at IBL Workshops. It's a virtual, self-paced, virtual IBL workshop (a la Khan Academy) for those who cannot attend a workshop (yet). Virtual workshops do not replace intensive summer workshops, but we also recognize that waiting until next summer is waiting too long for some. Scheduling or lack of traveling funding may be issues that prevents a math instructor from attending a summer workshop, and here at AIBL we believe that all students should have access to the latest student-centered, active teaching methods. Cost or logistics should not be a barrier to progress, and we are doing what we can to make things a bit better.

To help bridge the gap, I've created an initial series of videos intended for college math instructors. While K-12 teachers are welcome to use the videos and join the conversation, our focus is in shifting the teaching culture at the college level.

One way to look at this video series is as an expanded IBL Workshop Zero. It'll get you going, if you can put in the time or get you more ready just before a summer workshop. We'll be adding more videos, and please feel free to send us topics you want to learn more about and we'll try and make videos on topics that the community wants.

Lastly, while we don't have the resources now for a mentoring program, we do have an active community on our AIBL Facebook Group. If you have a question, post it there! We are also looking into other venues to host and support online communities for math instructors to help one another.  More on that is forthcoming.

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