Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Blog About Teaching and Learning Mathematics

The IBL Blog will focus on inquiry-based learning in Mathematics.  The main focus will be college-level instruction, but all levels (K-college) will be discussed.  I'll have a lot of posts about general issues in Education, and I will encourage my colleagues to contribute.

About myself... My name is Stan Yoshinobu, and I am a Cal Poly Professor in Mathematics.  I am also the Director of the Academy of Inquiry Based Learning (www.inquirybasedlearning.org).  I am an advocate for using research-based teaching methods that involve students in the process of doing mathematics, rather than sitting on the sidelines watching someone else do it.   More than just better, inquiry-based learning can provide transformative experiences for students.  Those of us who teach are truly lucky -- we are in the business of transforming lives!

Blog posts will include the following topics

  • Teaching ideas and tips for the classroom
  • Experiences from the field written by guest or regular contributors
  • Commentary on news articles and reports
  • Essays on teaching and learning
  • Resources for students, teachers, parents, staff, administrators
  • Ideas, commentary and resources for people interested or involved with education policy
Look for lots of new regular content coming up!