Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"We Are In the Business of Transforming Lives!" -- Mike Starbird

As the fall term approaches, I hear as clear as ever Mike Starbird's words, "We are in the business of transforming lives!"   It's important to remind ourselves that we are not just teaching algebra or calculus.  We are using mathematics as a vehicle to help students find their mathematical talent.  We are nurturers of talent, not machines created show students how to plug in numbers or solve for $x$.

When I think of the fall term and my classes, I also think about how I can help create more opportunities for students to transform themselves, their self image in math, and how they go about learning and doing math.  Before diving into all of the details of building up a syllabus and deciding how much this or that, the beginning of the academic year is an opportunity for teachers to revisit the reasons why we teach and what the point of education is.

Cheers from SLO!